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Elderly Malnutrition: What Are the Causes?

Elderly Malnutrition: What Are the Causes?

As people age, dietary changes also change. They may need more nutrients now than before, especially if they have a medical condition. Unfortunately, seniors are at a high risk of malnutrition. What causes this?

  • Physical difficulties

    Aging also brings forth physical changes. Older adults often have trouble completing physical tasks. With less mobility and strength, they often turn to packaged foods. These foods usually lack the nutrients they need.

    That is why many seniors opt to reside in an assisted living residence in Minneapolis, Minnesota. This way, someone can help them prepare nutritious meals.

  • Psychological factors

    Mental changes also play a role in malnutrition. Life situations, such as the loss of a loved one, can make seniors lose their appetite. They usually eat less than what they need.

    Living in a nursing home ensures that someone is available to help them process these psychological factors. Other residents as well as the staff members can help keep seniors happy.

  • Lack of socialization

    Older adults tend to neglect their needs because they think no one cares. This often results from isolation. Keep in mind that eating meals are social events. Being in a African American group home ensures that everyone will not be alone during mealtimes.

At Paradise Assisted Living, we understand how important proper nutrition is. We take the necessary steps to be the best home care provider in Minnesota by addressing all your needs. Call us today!

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