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A Paradise of Compassion in Assisted Living
Elderly women and her daughter sitting in a chair with a blanket, hug, mother, grandmother

Paradise Assisted Living is just as much a feeling as it is a place. We are a unique blend of health, housekeeping, and entertainment that makes everyone feel right at home and more. As an assisted living residence in Minneapolis, Minnesota, we spare no effort to keep the independence of our residents as possible by gracing them with a safe and comforting environment. We dedicate our time to better the quality of life of all our residents.

Receive the best outcomes together with us to make you feel that you belong and are taken care of and more. Be treated as an extended part of a great family that only keeps growing. We dole out individualized enrichment programs alongside the most wholesome environments that encourage and create purpose and ease for your elderly loved ones. Our secret: compassion.

With homespun surroundings staffed with fully trained individuals on call at all times and programs to keep everyone active and happy, we take our services to the next level. You can rely on us to make the beginning of their lives something to yearn.

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We spare no effort to usher in compassion in everything that we do. Compassion is the heart of better care. We are committed to providing the best outcomes that make you feel that you belong and taken care of and more.

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