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How Vaccinations Changes the Game for Elderly Care

How Vaccinations Changes the Game for Elderly Care

COVID-19 has materially changed the landscape when it comes to elderly care in the past year. Because seniors are guaranteed to have co-morbidities, they are at high risk for severe symptoms of infection by the new coronavirus.

Because the disease was not widely understood when it broke out across China and spread across the world, every nursing home in the United States had to adjust its facility policies and practices in caring for its residents. Like the rest of the world, protective health measures like social distancing and personal hygiene went into force in these facilities.

However, as the months passed, several pharmaceutical firms have made breakthroughs and developed early vaccines to help people protect themselves against the novel coronavirus. This changes the game for both nursing homes and home care provider in Minnesota.

Vaccines now allow the elderly to develop an immunity against the COVID-19 and its fatal symptoms. If the elderly can boost their immunity to avoid those, the threat to their lives is at least reduced.

Vaccines also allow the younger personnel in an assisted living residence in Minneapolis, Minnesota to prevent transmission of the virus to their residents. These professionals go in and out of nursing care homes, exposing them to the virus and raising the risk for infection and transmission.

At present, recipients of vaccines can still get infected by the virus. Still, they minimize the symptoms suffered, so the disease is less fatal and cannot spread as fast as it did when this health crisis began.

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