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Causes of Insomnia and Sleep Issues in Seniors

Causes of Insomnia and Sleep Issues in Seniors

Compassion is at the heart of a true Home Care Provider in Minnesota.

Welcome to Paradise Assisted Living where we offer blended solutions to make you feel at home with our Assisted Living Residence in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Our senior loved ones can take it easy and relax. They can rest as much as they can while we care for them.

Unfortunately, seniors may have trouble getting the rest they deserve. Sleep is no longer the same as when our bodies were younger. Insomnia and sleeping problems became as common as we age. Here are some reasons these situations happen:

  • Health conditions that make sleeping uncomfortable, inconvenient, or unbearable prevent a senior from going into slumber. Pain, the need to urinate, asthma, or arthritis are common issues. No one can tolerate this discomfort or pain until the patient is relieved.
  • Poor sleeping environment does not invite a good sleep. Having irregular sleeping habits does not help the body’s clock respond to the appropriate sleeping schedule. The room and bed must be comfortable, and the body must be ready to fall asleep.
  • Stress adds a complicated layer to sleeping. When something is bothering the senior and they are kept awake, they can never settle their thoughts. Anxiety, depression, or loneliness further adds to their suffering.

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